software developer,
advocate for women in tech,
and data scientist

I am a joint-degree (BS/MS) computer science student at the University of Chicago. I enjoy exploring the application of programming to a variety of fields ranging from computational biology to economics. On campus, I enjoy dancing as a choreographer for Apsara and SASA and making coding more accessible to girls through CompileHer.

During the summer of 2020, I was an Explore Intern at Microsoft. I worked as a software engineering and project management intern on the M365 Core Engineering Infrastructure team where I collaborated and pair programed with two other interns using test driven development and Agile methodologies. I am also a undergraduate student researcher with the AIR Lab. I use natural language processing and topic modeling techniques to analyze the effectiveness of apps from the Google Play Store in teaching children about privacy and security.


C#, SQL: During my Explore Microsoft internship, I worked as a SWE and PM to improve the test failure analysis web service using C# and SQL. This feature assists other developers in determine who introduced a test failure to the codebase. I utilized legacy code to inform design and implementation decisions, and presented the improved service to management at the end of my internship.

C: I worked on the World Description Language Team for a text-based adventure game engine in my software development class. We worked in an Agile environment and followed scrum methodology with bi-weekly sprints and weekly team meetings. Using the YAML library, we developed code for game designers to load in desired actions, items, rooms, and game definitions.

Python, Javascript, JSON: I develop scripts to parse data from over 31.5k applications extracted from the Google Play Store. Determine which resources are available on the Android platform and inform future design to educate children about privacy and security. I also utilize Python natural language processing and the Gensim topic modeling library to filter app descriptions and automate labelling.

SML: I wrote a functional compiler using Standard ML and applying lambda calculus for my Programming Languages class over the course of 10 weeks. This inco

HTML, CSS, JavaScript: At Uncommon Hacks 2019, my team created this interactive site within 24 hours. Inspired by J.P. Morgan's "Best Hack for Social Good" challenge, we developed a website to teach financial literacy to univeristy students. Through interactive games and animations, we incorporated credit explanations and form identification. We won the "Best Hack for Social Good" award!

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery: I created my personal portfolio to highlight some of the exciting projects that I have worked on over the years. Building this website from scratch was a very fulfilling process and gave me experience with incorporating a variety of design elements. I began working on this project during Girls Who Code and have continued to improve it.

C: I developed a memory allocator through my winter quarter Data Structures course. Using a binary search tree traversal, I applied an efficient algorithm that returned the address in memory of the usable storage. This project was completed over two weeks as the final assignment for the course.

Racket: Over six weeks, I utilized functional programming techniques to create the ancient Chinese game, Go. I built all components of this game for the final project for my first data structures class and incorporated numerous UI elements such as a timer, prediction feature, and scoreboard. The backend algorithms for this game were also written to allow for a flexible board size and multi-player features.

R: Performed analysis of unknown DNA sequence using next-generation sequencing techniques and the Univeristy of Chicago supercomputer, Midway. Analyzed sequence data using R to identify chromosome distributions and generated conclusions by cross referencing exisiting genomic databases.



As the Internal Outreach Chair, I organized 100 volunteers for our large scale events tailored towards middle school girls. The dreamHer hackathon and superpowHer tech capstone were both incredible experiences! I am looking forward to working as Events Lead.

Girls Who Code

I have spent the past eight weeks teaching girls in the Chicago area how to program. From preliminary Choose Your Own Adventure games in Scratch to automated electric pianos, I have helped the girls come together to form a community of future technologists.

Grace Hopper Conference

I have been awarded the Career Advancement GHC Grant to attend the Grace Hopper Celebration in October, 2019. I am looking forward to inspiring and being inspired by the amazing women at the conference. Stay tuned for updates about the conference!


For over thirteen years, I have learning, performing, and teaching the Indian Classical dance form, Kathak. In 2016, I had my Kathak Rangmanch Visharad, a three hour long graduation performance for an audience of 700 people. After this event, I began teaching younger students at Tarana Kathak Dance Academy. Through the dances I lead, I passed on my skills and emphasized how my students could form a personal bond with Kathak and our rich cultural heritage. At UChicago, I continue sharing my passion with Apsara and SASA.

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